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Voices and Views: January

Event Garde is committed to professional development, for ourselves and for our industry. As such, we’re avid readers of industry news. We’d like to share these must-reads with you.


In his book, “Non-Obvious 2018 Edition: How to Predict Trends and Win the Future,” Rohit Bhargava lists some of the lesser known trends that will revolutionize business.

And some of those trends, while not necessarily top of mind, apply to online learning.

WBT Systems lists six:

Light-speed learning – Bite-size learning is quick and engaging.

Human mode – Videos in which learners can see and engage with each other are much more personal.

Brand stand – Make lifelong learning your association’s brand and be proud.

Backstory telling – Think about what first inspired your organization’s mission and use those stories to inspire.

Enlightened consumption – Determine the bigger issues about which members are passionate and be transparent about how your organization is using resources for those passions.

Truthing – Cut through the clutter and serve as the information hub for you members.


Even well-established business professionals make networking mistakes.

According to a recent survey by Robert Half Management Resources, the No. 1 pitfall is not asking for help from their networks.

The other mistakes:

  • Failing to keep in touch or reaching out only when he or she needs something
  • Not connecting with the right people
  • Not thanking contacts for their help
  • Not providing help when requested

“Business is changing so rapidly; no one has all the answers or expects others to,” said Tim Hird, executive director of Robert Half. “Executives need a robust network, including mentors, peers, staff-level contacts and experts from within and outside the company, to stay on top of trends, best practices and opportunities. To accomplish this, make sure you serve as a resource for your connections, too.”



Knowledge transfer is a key part of the training process.

“Perfecting your knowledge transfer abilities will help to organize, create, capture and distribute your organization’s most important processes and productions,” says Larry Alton of Sustainable Business. “It is important to the longevity of your production integrity that the production process is accurately duplicated from one mind to another. Investing in the optimization of knowledge transfer in your organization is an obligation (not an option) as a business owner.”

Duplication – or making sure more than one person knows how to do a job – ensures knowledge doesn’t get lost.

In addition, training should be formal and professional. When well-defined protocols are put into place, people know what to do and are motivated to create personal goals.

Finally, encouraging social interaction among employees fosters knowledge sharing. EAs such, employers should create and time and spaces for employees to talk.

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Event Garde is committed to professional development, for ourselves and for our industry. As such, we’re avid readers of industry news. We’d like to share these must-reads with you.

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