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The Ultimate Guide to Trade Show Marketing

This guest blog is by Troy Best, vice president of client relations for The Image Shoppe. The original post can be found here.

My professional career began in the dairy industry, where I learned about planning for and attending industry-related trade shows. And let me tell learn a lot about what to do (and even more about what not to do) at trade shows the more you attend.

 I carried my trade show knowledge and experience with me as a partner of The Image Shoppe, continuing to help clients like Country Fresh, Xtreme RFID and SpartanNASH with the planning and execution of their trade show marketing.

After years of trial and error learning the ropes of trade show planning, strategizing and marketing, I knew that there was no need to have folks reinvent the wheel — so why not create a resource with all you need to know about trade show marketing? So that’s just what we did!

Introducing: The Ultimate Guide to Trade Show Marketing

This Ultimate Guide to Trade Show Marketing will take you through the entire strategizing, planning and execution processes for your upcoming trade show to ensure you’re fully prepared for trade show marketing success.

Here's what you’ll get:

  • How to choose a show
  • Creating a show marketing strategy
  • How to plan a show
  • Keys to staffing and exhibiting
  • Sample event brief
  • Event planner worksheet
  • Sample show toolbox checklist

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