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November Bright Idea: Working toward better healthcare

Dedicated to education, advocacy and research, on Tuesday the Digital Therapeutic Alliance launched to help integrate digital therapeutic solutions into mainstream healthcare.

Digital therapeutics is the next generation of healthcare that uses visionary disease management and treatment technologies to improve current medical practices and treatments. Specifically, DTA will work with software companies to help them manage diseases and, in some cases, replace existing medical tools.

According to a press release, members of the alliance will work together to “develop real world evidence studies and pilot programs, construct industry and regulatory frameworks and develop robust repositories of industry data and analyses.”

“Our alliance is dedicated to advancing novel platforms and solutions that improve patients’ lives and add value to physicians, care teams and the healthcare system,” said Anand  Iyer, chief strategy officer, WellDoc. “These tools are used in daily life to improve patient and provider visibility into complex treatment processes and simplify pathways to better outcomes.”

And on Wednesday, DTA announced a partnership with Personal Connected Health Alliance, which combines the resources of PCHAlliance and the expertise of DTA. The PCHAlliance has also developed a Digital Therapeutics Task Force. The task force will tap into DTA’s subject matter expertise to develop an initial set of priority projects for both organizations.

The core mission of DTA and the DTA-PCHA alliance is to better educate the medical profession, with the ultimate goal of improving consumers’ healthcare experiences.

“We are pleased to partner with the Digital Therapeutics Alliance to combine our resources to advance the field, galvanize key stakeholders, focus on developing standards of quality and work towards improving health outcomes through this newly developing subdomain of personal connected health,” said PCHAlliance Executive Vice President Patty Mechael.

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