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New directory offers easy LMS shopping

Tagoras recently launched its Platform Directory for Learning Businesses, which includes profiles of 30 platform vendors.

Platform requirements for trade organizations and associations are different than those in the corporate world, and the Tagoras platform is a compilation of companies that understand and meet requirements specific to the profession.

“We believe these profiles will be useful to association leaders and professionals looking for learning platforms and looking to home in on platforms appropriate for their organization, based on its needs,” said Jeff Cobb and Celisa Steele, founders of Tagoras.  “To help ensure the relevancy of these platforms to the association audience, we required providers have a minimum of three association clients (where their platform is implemented and operational) to be included in the listing.”

In doing research for the free resource, Tagoras asked specific questions. Questions focused on a company’s experience integrating its platform with association management systems and online community platforms and whether the learning management system supports complex credit scenarios. Tagoras also asked about instructional design and helping customers manage live events.

For full profiles, users of the directory must register. Full profiles include:

  • Number of current association clients (a proxy for depth of association experience)
  • Integration experience with common association management systems (AMSes)
  • Integration experience with common online community platforms
  • Integration with PARS
  • General approach to platform pricing and whether bandwidth or storage are charged separately
  • Whether the company offers support services (i.e. staffing) to help with live online events, such as webinars
  • Whether the company offers support services (i.e. staffing) help with capturing and/or streaming content from live place-based events, such as conferences
  • Whether the company offers instructional design and custom development services

Cobb and Steele have each been in the lifelong learning industry for nearly 20 years. They have designed and built learning management systems and are therefore uniquely qualified to understand the complexities and challenges of choosing the best fit, they contend.

“The profiles focus on what we at Tagoras have seen in our years of experience as the key factors that make a platform appropriate for association use and the features and functionalities most likely to help an association differentiate among platforms,” Cobb and Steele said.

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