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Learning in the workplace: Change is needed

We know learning in the workplace not only increases productivity but also fosters employee engagement.

But in today’s quickly moving business climate, businesses aren’t spending the amount of time they should on workplace learning, according to a new report published by the 70:20:10 Institute in partnership with Docebo.

In fact, the report says Gallup’s 2017 State of the American Workplace report found levels of employee engagement to be low. Just 33 percent of U.S. employees report being engaged vs. 70 percent in the world’s top organizations. 

Learning and development will only increase productivity and create engagement if there’s a change, Docebo argues.

Enter the 70:20:10 model, which moves focus from learning to performance. The four learning business models were developed by Arets with colleagues at the 70:20:10 Institute.

Let’s break apart the model.

The order taker provides learning solutions in response to “orders” from internal customers. This ensures learning meets demand.

The learning enabler is “responsible for organizing the intake, analysis, implementation and evaluation processes required to maintain the professional quality of learning provision.” The learning enabler decides whether formal training or an alternative method is the best option.

The performance enabler implements the business operations, focusing on helping individuals and teams to work better, make improvements and learn from the improvements. The emphasis on the business is “the result of adopting a perspective on working and learning that is not purely educational.” Docebo says most businesses don’t operate this way, even though they know they should.

And finally, the value creator expands the service to the whole spectrum of 70:20:10 provision. The value creator “implements management’s strategic priorities, offering more than formal learning solutions, and co-creating with management and exemplary performers to make a measurable contribution to improving organizational performance.”

“By refocusing from formal learning to workplace learning, and from learning to work to learning from work, engagement levels are likely to improve across several dimensions,” Docebo says.

The report lists five actions organizations should take to follow the 70:20:10 model:

  • Revised learning and development strategy
  • Refocus L&D practices from push to pull
  • Refocus L&D practices from learning to performance
  • Understand stakeholders’ key challenges
  • Encourage leaders and managers to support workplace learning

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