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Gardian of the Month: Scott Oser

Q & A with Scott Oser, founder of Scott Oser Associates. Follow him on Twitter and subscribe to the newsletter, Association Marketing & More, on the website.

Learn: Q: What’s one subject you’d like to learn more about? 
A: I would really like to learn more about digital marketing strategy and implementation. I have already taken some Udemy courses on the subject. I believe digital marketing is powerful today but will be more and more powerful over time. It is therefore a topic I really want to always be on top of. 

Network: Q: How do you help a wallflower, who’s not comfortable networking at a professional event, loosen up?
A: Introduce myself and then introduce them to as many people as I can. If I can help connect them to other people it will allow them to be more comfortable at future events.

Transfer: Q: Mentorship – How do you think mentorship aids in knowledge transfer? 
A: Mentorship is very important when it comes to knowledge transfer because if both parties are committed to the partnership it allows both parties to learn. Typically, the mentor is more experienced than the mentee and by communicating and hearing the needs of the mentee the mentor stays aware of what the more junior people in an industry are focused on. Since the mentor is more experienced and the mentee is looking for knowledge, the mentor is able to share their experience with the mentee and allow them to keep that within an industry. 

Q: Please share with us a resource you can’t live without.
A: The association community and my association colleagues are a resource I cannot live without. I rely on my network for companionship, knowledge, information and laughter. I do not think I could be successful without the generosity of the people in the association world.

Q: Which actor or actress would you most like to meet and why? 
A: Honestly, no one comes to mind. I am not big on following actors and actresses.

Bright Idea: Improving diversity in libraries

Hoping to introduce more diversity into library workforces, last year the Public Library Association kicked off its Inclusive Internship Initiative (III).

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Content is still king for events

Organizations are rethinking content curation. That’s according to a new report by Omnipress, which, for the fourth year, surveyed organizations on how they use content for events.

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Voices and Views: February

Event Garde is committed to professional development, for ourselves and for our industry. As such, we’re avid readers of industry news. We’d like to share these must-reads with you.

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3 key steps to innovation

Innovation can come from anyone, anywhere. New ideas should absolutely be encouraged at all levels of your association, from staff to the board to new members.

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Designing Engaging Learning with Tracy King and Aaron Wolowiec

In this episode of the Leading Learning podcast, Tracy King and Aaron Wolowiec sit down with Celisa Steele to talk about the topic of learner engagement—including what it is and, just as importantly, what it isn’t—how to prime learners for engagement, and the importance of “constructing” learning experiences versus “manufacturing” them.

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Z is for…zealous

When it comes to learning, Gen Zs are interactive, so keeping them engaged and motivated in the workplace is crucial for employers.

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