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Gardian of the Month: Michelle Mason

Q & A with Michelle Mason, president and CEO of Association Forum.

Learn: Let’s say you’re studying for a big exam. Are you a crammer or do you like to plan ahead?
A: I am a hybrid of a crammer and someone who plans ahead, depending on the exam. If it is an area of study of which I am comfortable, I tend to cram. If it is technical in nature and requires intensive studying, I tend to plan for the exam over a period of time.

Network: Social media or face-to-face? Which form of networking is better and why?
A: I am a people person and prefer face-to-face. It is energizing and facilitates stronger connections. I enjoy observing the nonverbal facial expressions because you can learn more about a person’s thoughts and even cultural norms. 

Transfer: What resources/tools do you find most helpful in helping you retain knowledge? 
A: There are three ways I retain knowledge:

  1. I take copious notes via long hand. 
  2. Repetition is helpful to solidify data into memory.
  3. I share information with others to seek feedback and different perspectives.  

Q: Please share with us a resource you can’t live without.
A: There isn’t one particular resource that I can’t live without because there are so many varying perspectives I try to consider before making decisions. If I had to select one, it would be FORUM magazine.  Many of the articles are written by Association Forum members.  I appreciate learning about their perspectives, what is keeping them awake at night and effective practices.

Q: Which season represents you best and why? 
A: Spring is in the air. I love spring because when it is in full bloom, I feel a sense of refreshment, rejuvenation and hopefulness. The winters are long in Chicago and spring and summers are short!

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