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Gardian of the Month: Katie Dudek

Q & A with Katie Dudek, Director of Conferences and Special Events, Michigan Association of CPAs

Learn: Q: Let’s say you’re helping your child or friend with some homework. What’s your strategy for helping them learn a difficult topic?

A: I think relating the topic to a real world experience is a great strategy when helping someone learn a new or difficult topic. Connecting the topic to something that resonates with them will lead to better understanding and they will retain the information longer.

Network: Q: Social media or face-to-face? Which form of networking is better and why?

A: I prefer face-to-face networking because body language is key – there’s so much you can learn about a person from their mannerisms when you communicate in person. You can also feed off of each other’s energy and passion and in turn build more meaningful relationships.

Transfer: Q: Tell us about an experience in which you learned something new and then applied it to your personal or professional life.

A: Last year our association staff all went through DISC Personality Training. The information I learned about my co-workers and myself has been extremely beneficial in helping me learn to work more effectively with my team and to grow as a leader. It has also helped strengthen my relationships outside of work by improving how I communicate with family and friends.

Q. Please share with us your favorite resource.

A: I would have to say Facebook. It keeps me connected to my friends and family living both near and far, and there are also so many groups that I am a part of on Facebook that help me grow professionally and personally, like Healthy by Association.

Q: What’s the one thing you just can’t live without?

A: I think as busy professionals we often underestimate the importance of self-care. So I couldn’t live without my “me time.” Whether it’s reading a book, going for a run or relaxing on my deck with a great beer, recharging my batteries and taking time for myself is always a priority in my life!

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Gardian of the Month: Katie Dudek

Katie Dudek, Director of Conferences and Special Events, Michigan Association of CPAs, is Gardian of the Month.

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