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Gardian of the Month: Donte Shannon

Q & A with Donte Shannon, executive director, Specialty Advertising Association of California. Follow him on Twitter.

Learn: Q: What’s one subject you’d like to learn more about? 
A: I am in interested in learning more about marketing and communication and its relationship to human behavior and media consumption trends.  

Network: Q: Tell us about one of your favorite personal or professional networks. What makes it special?
A: I’ve read many times that if you’re the smartest person in the room, you need to leave the room. This is why my favorite professional network is the ASAE Diversity Executive Leadership Program (DELP). I consider this network of top-notch association professionals to be my ever-accessible think tank. It is an honor to be surround by such brilliant and progressive people. DELP was my gateway to partnering with Event Garde.  

Transfer: Q: What resources/tools do you find most helpful in helping you retain knowledge?
A: I find that I am most able to retain knowledge when it helps me tell my story or helps me evolve my story both professionally and personally. 

Q. Please share with us a resource you just can’t live without.
A: I haven’t been able to go one day without reading the following quote: “I learned to always take on things that I’d never done before. Growth and comfort do not coexist.” - Ginni Rometty 

This quote tells the story of my professional life and is daily inspiration for me to keep growing and learning everyday, especially on the tough days. 

Q: What’s your favorite summer vacation spot?
A: At the moment, Miami is my favorite vacation spot, but after my recent move to Los Angeles, I believe this city will become my new vacation spot with the numerous local beaches that are close by.

Voices and Views: December

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Associations bring meetings back to Houston

When the Texas Society of Association Executives gathered in Houston in September for the New Ideas Annual Conference, it was the first major event to take place in the city after Hurricane Harvey devastated Southern Texas with historic flooding.

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Engaging Learners: A Guide To Successfully Designing Engaging Learning

Whether you’re ready to initiate this conversation prior to, during or after the holiday season, please accept this newly launched eBook as our holiday gift to you. Born out of our own frustrations, we hope this comprehensive, but approachable resource will help you and your speakers better engage learners in 2018.

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The science of convening

There’s a science to convening, and it stems from the theory that collective brain power is a powerful tool. So what’s a convening? According to Monitor Institute by Deliotte, a convening is a gathering of people who participate in a collective effort and share a common purpose.

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The joy in missing out

Many of us get sucked into all the newest trends and fads – including Black Friday and holiday shopping. Who cares about getting a good deal on something you don’t need? That’s not a deal at all; in fact, it is total loss on your pocket book. This holiday, splurge on the things that really do matter like spending time with family and friends or making delicious meals at home.

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