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Bright Idea: Equity in discussion

At events, panel discussions are meant to educate and offer various perspectives.

But when a panel comprises all men, that’s a problem. Diversity is important in fostering a comfortable learning environment, especially for women.

That’s why Gina Glantz, a longtime Democratic strategist and founder of GenderAvenger, created an app, GA Tally, that allows users to measure the gender and ethnic makeup of panels.

GenderAvenger also gives a stamp of approval for panels or groups that the organization thinks are doing well in providing diverse discussion. 

“The GA Tally lets you record and share the gender (im)balance you see every day,” the app’s website says. “Whether it’s on TV, at a conference or on a magazine cover, the GA Tally makes it easy to hold decision-makers accountable.”

Users can submit the number of men, women and women of color on a panel by uploading photos. Users can also allow GA Tally to  generate a pie chart that can be instantly posted on Facebook, Twitter and/or shared by email.

At the same time, the app has a timer so users can track who’s dominating conversation.

“The core of our mission at GenderAvenger has always been the power of one simple gesture: the count,” writes Elan Morgan, on the GenderAvenger blog. “The GA Tally was designed and developed by our GenderAvenger team when we saw that our community of Avengers needed to be able to count the gender imbalances they were seeing in a way that was not only more visually impactful but also more shareable.”

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