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Bright Idea: Educating all

Understanding the need to educate all its members – whose needs vary by sector – the National Association of Sports Commissions recently launched the Sports Tourism Learning Institute.

The new educational initiative includes courses on a variety of topics: event management, a general and advanced tourism certificate, revenue and funding sources, marketing and communications, social and digital engagement, sales training for destination management organizations, event measurement tools, global event management and programs for sports events owners.

To meet a spectrum of learning needs, content will be offered through a variety of platforms, including certificate programs, boot camps, live and online courses and webinars.

“The Sports Tourism Learning Institute more completely represents our thinking for the new paradigm that positions the leading trade association, NASC, as the premiere education provider for the sports tourism industry in the United States,” said Al Kidd, president and CEO of the NASC. “We will offer wider and deeper content for key players, including sports destinations, sports event owners and industry partners. Our goal is to provide a variety of educational opportunities for all our members and industry professionals.”

Two courses will launch this fall: a live course on social and digital engagement and an online course on effective communication in the sports tourism industry. NASC plans to offer additional programs in 2018.

Prior to STLI, NASC had provided certification for sports events executives, but this membership group only comprises about 14 percent of the entire membership, Kidd told Associations Now. However, the new program offers education and certification opportunities to all members.

The new initiative was inspired by Kidd’s conversations with members, who indicated they wanted more educational content.

“How do we provide short courses of educational development, that educational curriculum, in a wide variety of settings that can meet any budget, anytime, anywhere?” Kidd asked himself.

And thus, STLI was born.

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