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Bright Idea: Building the tech workforce

Hoping to recruit workers and provide them with the skills to better the IT industry, CompTIA recently launched Association of Information Technology Professionals, a member support and advocacy association.

“America’s Tech workforce is a national asset, and we need it to grow and develop so that the next wave of technology – smart cities, IoT, cyber security and artificial intelligence – can reach their potential,” said Nancy Hammervik, executive vice president, industry relations, CompTIA. “What CompTIA AITP represents is an organization helping tech workers of all backgrounds and education enter the workforce, grow in their skills and have successful careers.”

CompTIA, which has provided certifications to 1.2 million tech workers trying to strengthen their skill sets, says there’s a confidence gap among workers, many of whom don’t think they have the skills to be part of the tech industry. So AIPT aims to provide business skills, career planning and networking.

TechTalent, which is run by CompTIA, is a job finder platform. It connects users with job postings while educating them on the specific skills employers are seeking.

In addition, through a partnership with, AITP members will have access to more than 1,200 online courses to help improve leadership and business skills, from finance and project management to communication and customer service.

The portal provides whitepapers, presentations and reports to boost education among users and to help them stay abreast of industry trends. CompTIA members also receive a discount on certifications and continuing education.

By 2024, CompTIA expects there to be 1.8 million openings in the tech industry, so AITP comes at the perfect time.

“We know Americans are more worried now than maybe ever before about their jobs and future – especially if they don’t have a college degree,” Hammervik said. “Yet, we can’t seem to find enough people to fill all the tech jobs we need. CompTIA AITP is good for tech workers, good for the tech industry and good for the future of the economy.”

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