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The Gardian Blog, featured in Alltop and Association Universe, serves as a rich content library that illuminates topics and issues of importance to the association community, particularly as they relate to professional development.

The Gardian of the Month: Edward Woods

Edward Woods, Director of Learning and Leadership Services for MSAE, is the Gardian of the Month.

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By: Tracy King | Apr, 12 2017

What e-learning trends mean for associations

Many leaders interpret the trend buzzwords as a new tech-shopping list draining their budgets. But the reality is technology is just the vehicle for what your learners really want. Let’s pop the hood to reveal what 2017 e-learning trends really mean.

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By: Kristen Parker | Apr, 9 2017

Voices and Views: April

Event Garde is committed to professional development, for ourselves and for our industry. As such, we’re avid readers of industry news. We’d like to share these must-reads with you.

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Three guidelines for meaningful microlearning

Microlearning is often discussed simply as a means of delivering learning content in small bites that are easier for today’s “distracted” learners to consume. Inherent in these discussions seems to be the assumption that learners will be better off if we can just make learning experiences shorter and easier to get through.

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Successful events have one thing in common: A solid mission statement

In an environment in which every association stakeholder has a “great idea” they think we should explore and implement, establishing a solid mission statement is the single-best way to make effective and efficient decisions that are aligned with the needs of the conference vs. the needs of a solitary or anecdotal voice.

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Young minds, old knowledge

As baby boomers retire, the workforce will soon be replaced with millennials or other young professionals. With this mass exodus comes the possible disappearance of invaluable knowledge, so companies should be thinking about knowledge retention.

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