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As leading professional development experts, both Aaron and his team are regularly interviewed for and featured in industry publications.

Train Your Brain: How to use John Medina’s Brain Rules in your next meeting

According to Brain Rules, by John Medina, people usually forget 90 percent of what they learn within 30 days. However, if you understand how the brain functions, you can greatly improve retention and application of new information.

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The Meetings Report: Michigan’s first association meetings industry survey

Event Garde partnered with MSAE to develop and release a comprehensive, 65-question survey geared toward Michigan associations. We recognized the lack of Michigan-specific data and statistics and the need for benchmarking data depicting the meetings industry’s best practices.

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How to Create Successful CSM-Planner Collaboration

When asked what they're most grateful for, suppliers and planners alike consistently list returned calls and emails, timely event changes, specificity and honesty about needs and expectations, and clear communication, even if it’s only to acknowledge a challenge and to indicate a solution is forthcoming.

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Leveraging Brand Identity to Grow Meeting Attendance

The best brands strive to align customer expectations with extraordinary experiences. When executed successfully, these brands appear to have certain qualities that make them special or unique. Ultimately, it’s this balance between expectations and experiences that promotes brand identity and trust.

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Place-based Education: Unlocking lessons from our local communities

The number of continuing education units required by attendees to maintain their professional designations often determines the number of break- out sessions offered at annual meetings. But as more emphasis is placed on the total conference experience, attendees are increasingly interested in getting out of the classroom and into the community.

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Block Benefits: 15 reasons to book within the official group block

Booking within the group block is the right thing to do to support the organization and to ensure the event remains financially viable. It also offers attendees a broad range of benefits.

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Exhibitor Success: The keys to achieving trade show benefits

First, understand that the person who completed the trade show agreement is not likely the person who will set up the display or staff the booth. Then, identify and communicate with key players early to ensure they’re leveraging activation opportunities before, during and after the show.

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9 Secrets to Building a Volunteer Surplus

Although the benefits of a successful volunteer management program are many and varied, the complexities should not be underestimated. Given the right approach, however, the investment can be well worth it. Therefore, make it easy, enjoyable and beneficial for your volunteers to give back—and you will be rewarded tenfold.

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Setting the Stage for Sponsorship Renewals

Post-event fulfillment reports consistently rank at the top of sponsors’ lists of the most valuable services provided by conference hosts. Indeed, according to the 2012 IEG/Performance Research Sponsorship Decision-Makers Survey, fulfillment reports tie audience research as the most important service provided by conference hosts.

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More Creative Conference Formats

How planners are finding new ways to engage and educate attendees

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